Car Warranty Management

Automotive Warranty Management

ALBI Kia is pleased to offer you completely efficient warranty management for your brand-new Kia vehicle.

Our team is first and foremost people with a lot of heart who work together to make sure this process goes smoothly while honouring our business values based on transparency and respect. The efforts diligently deployed by all our colleagues and each of the teams they are part of, as well as the care they take to offer remarkable service experience to every one of our customers, are essential criteria when new talent chooses to join the huge family that ALBI Kia has become.

Our support and administrative staff, as well as advisers and technicians, take intensive training on everything that concerns customer service. The ALBI Kia team believes it is very important for all our customers to have clear, easy to explain and easy to understand transactions.

If your late-model Kia vehicle is still under the long-term warranty by Kia Canada, and it needs major repairs taking more than 7 days, the short-term lease fees may be covered by Kia Canada.

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