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Kia Sorento - A comfortable, yet capable SUV.

The Kia Sorento helps you stay calm despite the vagaries of life. Vehicles hidden in your blind spots, lane changes in traffic jams and accidental skidding are among the many dangers associated with daily driving.

The Sorento covers every angle, with features that warn you of potential hazards, whether they are in front, behind or getting closer to you. The various optional systems, such as the 360-degree camera monitoring system, the rear-view camera, the rear-reverse traffic alert and the parking sensors allow you to benefit from a co-pilot always on guard and always ready to advise you in case of danger.

This SUV offers an elegant and perfectly adaptable interior. It can comfortably seat up to seven people while being spacious enough to accommodate all of your luggage, thanks to the optional flat-folding third-row seats.

The Kia Sorento focuses on safety and peace of mind. Advanced sensors, strategic airbags and state-of-the-art materials that reinforce the body structure are just some of the ways Kia is always looking to maximize your protection.