Graduate Program

When you’ve just graduated or you’re about to, you feel like you’re on your way to the workforce! To support graduates in their efforts to find work right out of school, Kia Canada has an initiative that will please new former students!

This program consists of financial aid to help graduates buy their first new car. This help comes in the form of rebates up to $500 on the lease or purchase of a new Kia vehicle. This is the Graduate Program. See details and conditions below.

To be eligible you must:

Be a Canadian resident who’s graduated within two years of the vehicle purchase date, or about to graduate within four months following this date. You must have meet one of the following conditions:

  • a first-year program in a recognized university
  • a college diploma (minimum two years of courses)
  • a three-year DEC program in a Quebec Cégep
  • a Master’s or Doctorate degree
  • graduated from a military or police academy

Eligible teaching establishments include post-secondary institutions accredited by a provincial education ministry.

The Kia vehicle must be registered (ownership included) in the graduating student’s name. The graduating student may not be a co-signer on the purchase or lease contract.

Certificate only programs are not eligible.

This offer may not be combined with the Kia First-time New Car Buyers program.

Rebate granted by Kia may be used on the sale price of the vehicle (before taxes). Participant must meet offer conditions. See your Kia dealership for details.