Our Values

Our Values

Openness. Integrity. Honesty. For members of the ALBI’s team these are more than mere words. They’re the fundamental values that define our work and our customer relationships.

We offer the members of our team relevant, continuous training to make sure we’re always ahead. Our ambition is to exceed our customers’ expectations, to innovate and revitalize to be sure to offer our customers an exceptional experience. Our reward for these constant efforts? Customer satisfaction.

With us you’re sure to receive transparent, efficient service. When you bring your car to ALBI Kia for maintenance or repairs, we keep you informed every step of the way. Our work is precise and meticulous. Our experts always work to reduce waiting times and return your vehicle to you in perfect driving condition.

Every one of our business relationships is based on trust and respect. We want to improve, every day, for you.

The ALBI Kia Mascouche’s Difference

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our working passion. At ALBI Kia, we are there to listen to you and meet your expectations. When you come to your appointment or drop in to visit, we’ll take the time to discuss your budget. With this information in hand, we’ll be able to advise you on the Kia model that will meet your needs.

There are several reasons to deal with ALBI Kia in Mascouche. One of them is our financing policy that gives you, for example, second-chance credit.

And that’s not all! Our business hours fit into your busy lifestyle. You can meet professionals who can answer your questions at any time.

We’re waiting for you!